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Workplace Office Interior

A well-designed workplace is essential. With multiple suppliers and trades people to deal with, it could be massive headache for you. We have the capability to seamlessly take your project from consultation to completion; A turnkey service.

High Personalized Design

Providing a service and execution is a core belief of our firm. We see each new project as a possibility of original expression and rather than being shackled to a singular style, we study the specific forces at play for each individual project so that it has a truly unique solution. We believe that cultural, social and environmental sensitivity is paramount to our and execution design process.

Project Service Commitment

We recognize that every client’s requirement is unique and We tailor our approach to the specific needs of each client. Every project we engage in is complete to a high standard. The project is completed within an agreed budget and time frame. Every aspect of the process from design to completion is over seen. We work closely as a team to ensure all the aspects of projects, from design through to installation and after-sales support, are delivered to the highest standard of professionalism

Workplace Audit

We identify all work flows, evaluate the current office layouts and highlight the areas that are working and those that require a change.Personalized designs with 3D visuals.

Concept Review

With customer’s input, We work until the optimal design is achieved.project service give our clients a single point of contact and an assurance that deadlines.

Consultation & Generation

We sit down with key stakeholders and determine their exact needs. After the consultation process we come up with a concept for the area. assurance that deadlines, though never at the expenses.

Project Management

You may have the right skills lined up to carry out the works, but the time-sapping element of these projects is the managing of the work flow and making sure that everything happens in the right order.